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    Reyna SE + KS-5000

    Reyna SE

    The Reyna SE is designed for both Home and Professional use. It incorporates the latest functions in a karaoke system, also having unique features only seen in this platform compared to other models in its class. The Reyna SE guarantees excellent performance and lasting reliability. It is recommended to use Platinum Karaoke sound equipment with this product for a more enjoyable experience.


    OSM (Original Sound Mastering) Sound Quality

    Bring your party to life with the “Original Sound Mastering” sound experience—creating festival vibes wherever you go.

    Get the Largest collection of songs

    Get over 17000+ English and OPM songs with atleast 60 new song additions per month.

    Record your performance

    Record your performance and share with your social network.

    Digital Video Output

    See crisp and clear pictures through the digital video output for more immersed viewing pleasure.

    Multimedia Function

    Use your Karaoke as an DVD player. Load your favorite movies and songs in your karaoke and play them anytime, anywhere!

    New Song Updates Guaranteed

    Enjoy the latest and up to date songs available regularly. Never miss on new and upcoming hits

    Specification and Features


    • USB 2.0 Slot

    • Digital Video Output

    • 2 Wired Microphone Input Jacks

    • LED Display

    • Infrared Remote Sensor

    • I.R Extension 

    • Composite Video Output

    • RCA Audio Out

    • Coaxial

    • Coin-In Jack

    • Score-In Jack

    Storage, Microphone and Power

    • DVD Dual Layer 8.5GB

    • 2 High Quality Microphones Inputs With Volume and Echo Controls

    • 110~250 Volt input | 50-60 Hz | 10W


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