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    KS-7000 - Wired Mic

    With a classic, timeless sound that is both rich and clear, the KS-7000 is the vocal microphone of choice for legends and contemporary performers alike.


    Made to handle voice with clarity and care, the Sponge Ref-Shake Type microphone produces every note as it was intended. 

    The 8m microphone cable allows you to freely move around and perform like a Rockstar.

    The dynamic instrument microphone offers clean reproduction of amplified and acoustic songs.

    Specification and Features

    • Impedance: 630 omhs +/- 15% [@ 1KHz]

    • Sensitivity: -72 +/- 2dB [@ 1KHz]

    • Frequency Response: 50Hz-14000Hz

    • Direction: Uni-Directional

    • Microphone Type: Dynamic

    • Microphone Construction: Sponge Ref-Shake Type

    • Color: Black Nickle

    • Response Curve: As Figure