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    KS-10 with KS-3000 Mic
    ₱3,999.00NOW ₱3,695.00

    Give you home a special gift. The KS-10 Junior 2 provides hours of fun and bonding, singing with friends and family. Compact design, tons of karaoke songs, budget friendly; The KS-10 is truly capable of lighting up your homes with special memories and priceless bonding.                                                                                                                                              


    - 21,000 Songs

    - Song Update every 4 months

    - User Expansion

    - Recording Function

    - Echo Effect


    INTERFACE: USB 2.0 (Input) Infrared Remote Sensor Front Panel Control Buttons FND Display Composite Video Out RCA Audio Out 2 High Quality Microphone Inputs with Echo effect. STORAGE: DVD Dual Layer 8.5GB POWER: Auto Volt AC 110v-240v 50-60 Hz 


    Highlights and Features

    12 Months Warranty Period

    One (1) year parts and labor on Power Adapter and Wireless Mic for units (Alpha, Alpha 1.5, Cello 1.5, Piano, Piano 1.5). 

    Three (3) Months parts and labor on Remote Controller, PCB Remote, RCA, Video Output, SD Card, and Wireless Mic. 

    Product Warranty Excludes the following: Batteries, Song Book, Song list, User Manual Disc.


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