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    The MAJOR brings tons of exciting features never before seen in other Karaoke Systems. Firstly, it is a Multimedia Player capable of playing Full HD videos, then a Smart console offering Internet Browsing, Video Streaming and Screen Casting.


    The MAJOR also boasts a 1TB Hard Drive for easy storing of User Videos, Music, etc. Monthly Song Updates guarantees users of fresh music all the time, while already having tens of thousands of songs already in its library.


    Easily record your performances with the Video Recording Function; share it and have fun with friends. With The Major HD-10, you are guaranteed more fun, more excitement and more features, with the best sound ever.

    • Cortex-A9 1.2GHz Dual core
    • DDR3 1GB x 4
    • Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
    • DDR3, 1GB Data Memory
    • 1TB
    • Full HD Background Videos
    • 2 Mic Inputs
    • Mic Volume
    • Echo Volume
    • LED Backlit Buttons
    • USB 2.0 Port
    • HDMI Video Out
    • YPbPr Video Out
    • Composite Video Out
    • BGV Input
    • Analog Audio Out
    • Optical Audio Out
    • Coaxial Audio Out
    • Coin Input
    • Score Input
    • Full HD Karaoke + Multimedia Console
    • 1TB HDD storage
    • 18,119 OPM and English Songs (as of January 2018)
    • Song Recording Function
    • Media Player / Media Console Function
      • Users can play Media files via USB Flash Disk
        • Movies
        • Photos
        • Music
      • Users can store Media files from USB to Internal Hard Drive
        • Movies
        • Photos
        • Music
    • HDMI Full HD Support
    • Full HD Video
    • Full HD Sound
    • Full HD Microphone
    • User Contents
      • Fast USB to HDD Transfer
      • Edit (Rename, Delete, Modify)
      • Auto Numbering
    • Recording function
      • Transfer Recordings to USB
      • Edit (Rename Delete, Modify)
    • Multimedia Function
    • Full Playback Function
      • avi, rmbv, mkv, mpg, wmv, etc.
      • mp3, wma, aac, wav, etc.
      • jpg, bmp, gif, etc.
    • On-Screen Song Search
    • Multiple Full HD Video Backgrounds
    • Intelligent Scoring
    • BGV-In Function
    • Thousand of Licensed Songs
    • Training, Chorus, PRS Songs

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