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    The Cello incorporates the latest functions and features. It boasts a pair of wireless microphones that will make your singing experience more convenient and less of a hassle. The Cello is also designed to be portable, with 5V power requirement, therefore making it ideal for out of home use. This model can be used together the Platinum Link App; browse, select, reserve songs; control and view the lyrics from your smart phone.

      - GMA & LUZON ONLY


      • 1X USB 2.0 (input)
      • HDMI Video Out
      • Composite Video Out
      • Coin-In port
      • Score-In port
      • External I.R. port
      • Infrared Remote Sensor
      • Micro SD Card port
      • DC 5V Output


      • 16GB Micro SD Card

      Wireless Microphone Spec

      • 2.4 GHz
      • 2.4V ~ 3.6V, 50mA approx.
      • 2400MHz ~ 2483 MHz
      • 8 hours operation
      • 25 buttons layout
      • + 12dBm output
      • -83dBm sensitivity
      • 32KHz voice sampling freq.
      • 16 bits sampling bits
      • 80Hz ~ 12KHz freq. characteristic


      • 2X 2.4GHz Digital Wireless  Microphones
        with karaoke function controls


      • Adaptor DC 5V 2A output
      • 110 – 220 Volt input
      • 50-60 Hz
      • 10W


      • Wireless Mic Karaoke model
      • Suports Music and Video playback via USB interface
      • Multiple Background videos
      • 19,000 OPM and English Songs 
      • Transform your smart phone as a Karaoke Monitor, a Karaoke remote control and a
      • Songbook in one via the all new Platinum Link App.
      • Car and Outdoor ready
      • Monthly song update via Website

      Multimedia Functions

      • Play movies, music from Flash

      Video Playback


      • MP3
      • WMA
      • WAV

      Photo Viewing

      • JPG
      • PNG
      • BMP

      Recording Functions

      • MIDI Karaoke only
      • Transfer Recordings to USB
      • Edit (Rename Delete, Modify)

      Background Videos

      • Multiple Background Videos

      Karaoke Functions

      • On-Screen Song Search
      • Intelligent Scoring
      • Extensive Library of New and
      • Popular Songs

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