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    Alpha v.1.5

    Full HD, Smart Functions, Multimedia Player, Video Recording, upgradable SD card storage, Wireless Microphone and App Connectivity; all this in just one device. The Alpha v1.5 truly comes fully packed and ready to go. Now with Pro Score, battle it out with friends or simply practice songs. The new audio circuitry provides wider and filler sound that will surely enhance your singing experience.


    Record your performance videos

    Let the world witness the Rockstar that you are! Record your performance videos and share with your social network.

    Original Sound Mastering

    The Original Sound Mastering (OSM) makes very expressive and dynamic music. It’s very close to the original music and you will surely enjoy high quality audio because of the balanced accompaniment.

    Platinum Karaoke song files are produced with the goal of perfectly copying all the details, nuances and dynamics of the original songs. Therefore, when played and sung with, users automatically recognize musical cues and passages  helping them sing with utmost confidence and expression.

    Complete Entertainment

    Your karaoke just got SMART! Entertainment is guaranteed for your friends and family with the SMART functionality of Alpha v1.5.

    Stream Youtube

    Play Games

    Browse Internet


    PRO-Score Capability

    Get scores on your performances. Improve your tone and timing to be the ultimate star.

    Multimedia Function

    Use your Karaoke as a media player that supports most of the popular formats. Play your favourite movies, listen to songs and browse your pictures.

    Dedicated Sound Module

    The Alpha v1.5 uses Dream Sam 2634 technology along with an advanced audio circuitry for superior sound quality. With such an advanced sound module you are guaranteed to never miss a beat!

    2 Digital Wireless Microphones

    Sing duets effortlessly with enhanced voice quality.

    SD Card Slot

    High-speed SD card provides fast and seamless song loading and BGV playback. The 64 GB capacity gives users storage space for personal content.

    Over 20,000 English and OPM Songs

    Enjoy our extensive library of licensed OPM and English songs. Our collection incorporates Classics, Standards, Ballads and latest hits. With so many songs, you would never want more.

    Digital Video Output

    See crisp and clear pictures through the Full HD digital video output for a more immersed viewing pleasure.

    New Song updates guaranteed

    Enjoy latest and up-to-date songs that are available regularly. Never miss out on new and upcoming hits.

    Professional Level Performance

    Alpha v1.5 is designed for both, Home and Professional use. It has functions and ruggedness to perform very well in commercial applications.

    Korean Technology

    Our Karaoke units are designed and developed in Korea. Songbook and Song list are also made in Korea.

    Smart KTV App

    Smart KTV

    Install the SMART KTV App on your mobile phone to access karaoke features on your smartphone such as song book, recorded and favourite songs, song-search functionalities and messaging friends. Connect upto 7 users simultaneously.

    Additional Features

    Full HD Wireless Microphones

    Full HD Support

    Multiple Full HD Background Videos

    Video Recording Function

    Intelligent Scoring

    On-Screen Song Search

    Excellent Vocal Sound

    Compact Design


    Specification and Features


    • 2X USB 2.0 (input)

    • Composite Video Out

    • RCA Audio Out

    • Coin-In port

    • Digital Video Output - Support Audio and Video connection. FullHD 1080p resolution

    • Score-In port

    • External I.R. port

    • Infrared Remote Sensor

    • BGV Input port

    • SD Card port

    Digital Wireless Microphone Specifications

    • 2.4 GHz

    • 2.4V ~ 3.6V, 50mA approx. 

    • 2400MHz ~ 2483 MHz

    • 8 Hours Operation

    • 25 Buttons Layout

    • + 12dBm Output

    • -83dBm Sensitivity

    • 32KHz Voice sampling freq.

    • 16 Bits Sampling Bits

    • 80Hz ~ 12KHz freq. Characteristic


    • Adaptor DC 12V 1.5A output

    • 110 – 220 Volt Input

    • 50-60 Hz

    • 10Watts


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