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    Cello v.1.5

    The Cello v1.5 incorporates latest functions and features. It boasts of a pair of wireless microphones that will make your singing experience more convenient and less of a hassle. The Cello v1.5 is also designed to be portable, with 5V power requirement, therefore, making it ideal for out of home usage. The Cello v1.5 can be used with the Platinum Link App that enables you to browse, select, reserve songs and view the lyrics from your smart phone.


    Over 18,000 English and OPM Songs

    Enjoy our extensive library of licensed OPM and English songs. Our collection incorporates Classics, Standards, Ballads and latest hits. With so many songs, you would never want more.

    SD Card Slot

    High-speed micro SD card provides fast and seamless song loading and BGV playback. The 16 GB capacity gives users storage space for personal content.

    New Song updates guaranteed

    Enjoy latest and up-to-date songs that are available regularly. Never miss out on new and upcoming hits.

    Digital Video Output

    See crisp and clear pictures through the digital video output for more immersed viewing pleasure.

    “Plug-and-play” Portable

    Carry this compact and easy to use karaoke player to any outdoor party or camping with friends. The 5V car-ready power source and digital microphones allow you to enjoy singing on-the-go!

    Professional Level Performance

    Cello v1.5 is designed for both, Home and Professional use. It has functions and ruggedness to perform very well in commercial applications.

    Multimedia Function

    Use your Karaoke as an SD media player. Play your favourite movies in SD. 

    Listen to songs and browse your pictures.

    Specification and Features


    • Sound Module - SAM2634

    • USB 2.0 (Input)

    • Infrared Remote Control Sensor

    • Composite Video Out

    • HDMI Video out

    • Aux In

    • RCA Audio Out 

    • Coin-In Jack & Score-In Jack

    • Micro SD Card 16 GB

    • 2 High Quality Microphone input

    • External I.R. port

    • 5.1 Surround Out

    Digital Wireless Microphone Specification

    RF Transmitter

    • Working Voltage / Current: 2.3V-3.3V/100mA

    • Modulation: FM

    • RF Carrier Frequency Range: A. 500.5MHz B. 505.0MHz

    • Frequency Stability: <+10ppm

    • Audio Frequency Response: 40Hz-15KHz

    • Dynamic Range: >105dB

    • Working Distance: >15M

    RF Receiver

    • Working Voltage / Current: 2.8V-3.4V/150mA

    • RF Carrier Frequency Stability: A. 500.4MHz B. 505.0MHz

    • Audio Frequency Stability: <+10ppm

    • Spurious Rejection: >80dB

    • Image Rejection: >80dB

    • Frequency Response: 40Hz-15KHz

    • Dynamic Range: 105dB

    • Receive Sensitivity: 5dbuV

    • Working Distance: >15M


    • Adaptor DC 5V 2A Output

    • 110 – 220 Volt Input

    • 50-60 Hz

    • 10Watts

    Additional Features

    Wireless Microphones

    Multiple Background Videos

    Song Recording Function

    Intelligent Scoring

    On-Screen Song Search

    Supports Music and Video Playback via USB Interface

    Excellent Vocal Sound

    Digital Video Output

    Platinum Link App

    Platinum Link

    Transform your smart phone to a karaoke monitor and sing the lyrics conveniently. Access SMART functions of your karaoke player, such as browsing songs, recording performances, creating your song list etc.

    Download the PlatinumLink app to get started.

    Download the PlatinumLink app to get started.



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